This plot shows the prevailing wind direction (blue squares) and the average wind speed (yellow line) over the past three days. The graph is useful for determining at a glance the current wind direction trend and relative strength.

There is almost always a steady breeze at the location of
this weather station, about a mile and a half inland from the Atlantic Ocean. It is useful to note the lower readings of the yellow line; if the average occasionally reaches zero, breezes are light. If the lower average is 4 or more, breezes are steady and strong. If the lower average is 8 with gust peaks above 20, it's an extremely windy day.

The scatter plot shows the prevailing direction of the wind.
On light breeze days, the direction readings will probably be all over the place. On very breezy days, you will see a definite pattern of wind direction.

Occasionally, you can observe the maritime effects of sunlight and water temperature on wind direction. During the day, winds will be from the South or East as warmer air over the land areas rises and pulls cooler air off of the ocean. During late evening to just after midnight, winds will stop entirely for several hours, followed by a switch in wind direction as the land areas cool and the air rushes back toward the warmer ocean water.

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